Because I Can Skate, Therefore, I Must Skate!

Cortez Circle

The Laundry Shop view of North edge of Cortez

I usually have my outdoor roller skates in my car with me when it's that time of the week to go off to the laundromat. I've actually been using mostly the same laundromat for about five years now. This would be The Laundry Shop in Franklin towards the South end of the strip mall which at one point in time, housed a Pick n Save. Back then, I think the Hales Corners Speedway was still across the street too but nowadays, that's a Menard's, a bank and a Kwik Trip gas station and convenience store. Somewhere along the way, I got the thought that rolling my skates in the parking lot while my wash or dry was going on was a good idea to burn up the time waiting. Sometimes, I'm an anxious person with a bunch of energy.

View of Northeast curve of Cortez View of Southeast curve of Cortez

Well, the parking lot is not in great shape and has been getting worse. The sidewalk in front is mostly smooth but there's a limited amount of it. When I decided that I needed more exercise there than I had room for, I began to venture off the property into the surrounding apartment filled neighborhood. Initially, I was skating Whitnall Edge and there's alot of territory to cover there. The asphalt is kindof old and therefore, has a rough feel to it. It varies from what I consider a B to C grade of surface.

View of South side of Cortez View of South entrance to Cortez

Then, one day I ventured down Highway 100 South and a block down, I discovered Cortez Circle. To my astonishment, I found genuine grade A black, smooth, nearly brand new asphalt! It's not a complete circle but a long half-circle with Hwy 100 being at the top of a hill on both sides. Portions of the circle are actually totally flat with no variation in height. Gotta keep my head up here though for cars, both moving and parked! Sometimes, a car is moving quickly but not easy to see initially as they are around the curve in the road. During some portions of the day, there isn't alot of traffic going on though and Cortez Circle really kicks ass for my skating purposes!