Because I Can Skate, Therefore, I Must Skate!

John Corrigan

Miss you already John!

For three years, I've seen John Corrigan on the floor at Rollaero every Thursday morning. Recently, I missed two weeks of that session in a row because I overslept. I was informed by a friend after missing the second session that John died on March 14th, 2018. I will miss him. John was always the first one there and usually already out on the floor by the time I got there. He always had a smile on his face. When a tune he liked was being played, he had a bit of an upward swing of his arms and hands with every push of his skate from left to right and back to left again. It was so wonderful to see someone who looked like he was genuinely having a great time every week. I don't have a picture of John but there is this video on YouTube of him skating three years ago in the hospital...
after heart surgery, I believe!