Because I Can Skate, Therefore, I Must Skate!

Lagoon Drive to South of Summerfest

map overview of lakefront route taken view of downtown looking back in from East

This speed run I do is one of my favorite things about Summer. Well, I couldn't wait; most of these pictures were taken in April of 2018 except for the shot in front of Summerfest looking at the US Bank building from the South. That was shot last year. Thank you Google Effin' Maps for the handy map to draw my route on! The other day, I actually parked North of McKinley Marina which tacked on some extra route for sure but usually I start this skate from Lagoon Drive because I've yet to have a hassle parking there during the weekday.

The place I park is close to where people enter for their boats parked in slips by the Yacht Club. Right up against the wall looking over the dock area is some quite excellent grade A flat concrete. I've found no anomolies in the pavement to keep me from picking up speed. Rather, the most limiting factor I've found is wind strength or direction. That being said, I run out of dockwall to skate on pretty quickly. By the Milwaukee Sailing Center, I typically run across a small amount of grass before hitting the quite worn out grade C asphalt trailage. Following this all the way back down to where the new Douglas MacArthur Memorial is, I turn South again onto some really decent concrete which runs between the War Memorial, the Calatrava and the lake. There's some intersection to navigate, I think it's Michigan Street, before rolling right behind Summerfest out on that man-made isthmus. There are multiple paths here but since the concrete is all the same, I usually choose the longer paths. By the time I've passed most of Summerfest, I'm looking at fishermen fishing off the railing before arriving at the Southernmost point, this lighthouse.

View from out on the man-made isthmus View of the lighthouse on the South end

This is as far South as I can travel as I've reached the Milwaukee Harbor entrance and therefore travel West underneath the Hoan Bridge until I reach a street on the other side. I turn North on this street, which has very light traffic when there isn't some festival going on at Summerfest. I keep travelling North until I reach a street which goes East directly in front of the main entrance to Summerfest. At one point, I'm travelling North between the two directions of Interstate 794 overhead. Some of the route I took South is also my return route North then but I typically take the rotten grade C asphalt trail between the lagoon and Lagoon Drive back to where my car is parked.

View of the Daniel C. Hoan bridge (I-794) View of the beginning return trip

This is an extremely scenic and fun speed run I skate on Milwaukee's lakefront. The whole trip takes about thirty-five minutes and is some great exercise!

View of downtown from the South