Because I Can Skate, Therefore, I Must Skate!

Where is this site

It's on the Internet; duh! The Internet is everywhere! That being said, I live in a suburb of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I'm not really everywhere so in some ways and functions, this site will be a bit Southeast Wisconsin, USA-centric. When I speak of places to go skating, that's when my locality will come into play the most.

But other portions of the site can be useful to people who don't live in this neck of the woods. I wanted a compilation of skate places' websites where one could easily and quickly check where to go skating on a whim. I found that skate places' websites were often difficult to navigate for whatever information I was looking for. So I began this website as a single page directory of skate places complete with address, city, phone number and a deep link to those places' schedule pages. In the future, I plan on compiling a calendar where one can go to a specific day of the month and instantly see who is open, what time and how much it will cost for admission. When I do this, however, my generated calendar should never be considered authoritative. It is actually always best to call the skate place before one travels to it. In the past, I've been told one thing by a skate place employee one night and gone to show up and find that, in fact, they weren't holding the session I'd only been told about the night before! Best bet; always call on the day in question.