Because I Can Skate, Therefore, I Must Skate!

Ozaukee Skateland

Ozaukee from outside view from DJ booth entrance

Ozaukee Skateland is located in Cedarburg just offset to the Southeast from the intersection of Wisconsin highways 60 and 181. I first visited here in February of 2016 on a Saturday morning when I wanted to get a skate in but worked every Saturday night. This particular Saturday, there were three, yes, three birthday parties being hosted and the place was jam-packed with grade school or middle school girls! Luckily, birthday parties have table time for eating pizza and birthday cakes so I actually did get a decent skate on; just lots to look out not to run or fall over!

view from Southeast/locker area view of neon painted locker logo

I didn't return again until the week of July 4th when admission was free if you arrived wearing red, white and blue! I believe I wore my Captain America t-shirt. I also met Lisa that day. She didn't get the memo about the way to get the free admission. Bummer. I advised her to pay attention to the website for specials; she agreed. Lisa's been clipping buy one, get one free admission coupons from the Clipper Magazine ever since. This is good as I don't live on that side of the universe and the Clipper available to me would only have coupons for Waukesha Skateland when they actually run them. So, Thursday nights have become a bit of a tradition. I can't make all of them. For one, it is a decent drive for me. For two, I'd been working that night for several months out of the most recent Winter.

Southeast corner artwork LED Blacklights

Going back to my original entrance there, I remember being absolutely amazed at what a nice floor the place had. It's a wood floor and Paul, who usually DJ's the Thursday evenings, informed me that they use some kind of a secret formula coating on top instead of Roll-On. He has to coat twice a year but it costs less than half. Too, it's a rather amazing surface which grips back somewhere between most wood floors I've been on and the epoxied concrete floors I sometimes skate. The floor also has boundry lines for a regulation sized roller derby track painted on it. Once in awhile, I actually see derby girls practicing here.

DJ booth artwork another shot from DJ booth corner entrance

Paul had been recommending that I show up for their first Friday of the month retro skate for some time before I ever did show up for that session. He probably did so because of how many old-school skate jams I'd put requests in for on Thursdays. I finally got around to going to my first of these sessions in March of 2017. I haven't missed one since! I dropped my job that had me working every Saturday after Summer last year. So, I've also checked out Rollaero and Waukesha Skateland's retro sessions. They can't compare! Ozaukee has the best retro skating session available! Not only are the music selections darn good, some months better than others, but they've invested in 14 LED-type blacklights and during the retro session they run the perfect mix of those lights and not too bright on the other non-black lights. Finally, the derby track lines I mentioned? Yeah, they're done in neon paint. Unfortunately, the Thursday night I brought my camera into the facility, Paul never switched on the blacklights once, so I have no pictures to show you when it's lit up in awesomeness. You'll just have to come in and see for yourself. The retro session is from 9:30-12Midnite the first Friday of the month from October through June. Sadly, none of these sessions over the Summer months. Did I mention the retro session is adults only?! <big grin>

Blacklights On!
Blacklight photo courtesy of Bob Schatzman