Because I Can Skate, Therefore, I Must Skate!

Where to buy skates

So, you're going to do it; you're going to buy your own pair of roller skates. No more mental rentals for you. You've had it with the inconsistency from one pair to the next. You're pissed that the skate place you rent them from never bothers to clean the damn things and generally leaves them in some state of disrepair. Finally, you're sick of wearing earth-tone brown suede with orange wheels ~ it just doesn't match your outfit!

Okay, now where to buy from? Believe it or not, most skate places you pay your admission to and rent those skates from actually are skate dealers to make a little bit of extra money on the side! One reason you may want to consider this is their crews' years of experience fitting people with skates. Even if you feel you'd do better as a shopper on your own choosing who to buy skates from, it's still worth getting a good chat on with them and become an empowered consumer. A little bit of knowledge gleaned can go a long way keeping you from making an expensive mistake or buying an inferior product.

But if you want to go it alone or you've already had that chat, I'm going to list some online roller skate dealers here. Think of their websites as massive catalogs to look through. Who knows? You might find something on them which makes you come back to your local skating rink pro shop to ask even more questions!

Derby Warehouse

I blow alot of money here. But then, I'm a wheel junkie. This dealer is focused on roller derby girls which isn't a bad thing. What you get is a concentration on some really good parts. What you don't get, however, is a large selection of the more artistic style skates. Think: less high boots, more speed skates. Free shipping on orders of $50 or more when most places require you to spend $100 for the same perk. Also, if you think you'll be buying again, it's worth it to buy the IWin membership. It gives you a 15% discount off of most of your purchases. One exception is certain clearance items where the price ends in a seven, i.e.; $xx.97.

Here you have a place that gives you "points" for every purchase. I've purchased from them multiple times but am at a loss to tell you how many points I've accrued. This is one of two places I know of where you can send a pair of brand-new tennis/athletic shoes to and they'll build them into a pair of roller skates.

Connie's Skates Place

Connie's is an awesome extremely full catalog of stuff. Not only can you get just about every kind of skate, plate or wheel under the sun but they're an awesome source for the small parts. For instance, you've bought some "vintage" skates on eBay which you really want to rock at the next retro skate in your town but the cushions or pivot cups are just gacked. If Connie's doesn't have it, you'll be hard pressed to find the part anywhere else. Speaking with their staff on the phone was a very pleasant experience with extremely knowledgeable people. Only beef I have had is that sometimes their catalog shows something that they don't have or can't get. Maybe their staff is too busy making great skates to be bothered with catalog updating but personally, I find it a nuissance.

Skate Out Loud

Skate Out Loud is similiar to Derby Warehouse in many ways but also different. For one thing, they're only one of two places I can buy my Sure-Grip contoured insoles at a reasonable price. When you skate alot, you tend to burn these up a bit. I'm hard on my heels!

ridiculous photo of the day

Sin City Skates

This used to be one of my favorite online dealers. Then, they closed. I made sure to buy a few things I could use more of, like wrenches, when they had their closing clearance sale. Now they're back... under a new ownership. Sin City has always had a heavy focus on derby so many of the same caveats may apply as Derby Warehouse. The other day, I took this picture of a picture ---------->
on their main page. I thought it odd to have a pair of clean new suede roller skates sitting on top of a skateboard on the beach. Never mind how impossible it would be to skate on a beach, I wouldn't want to get my bearings anywhere near all that sand!

Roller Skate Nation

Free shipping on $99 or more. This is the other place I can get my Sure-Grip contoured insoles. I've purchased some wheels here too. Their On Sale page is always worth checking out; it seems they frequently have closeouts of one kind or another.

Planet Roller Skate

Never purchased anything here (yet) ~ This is the business arm of Planet Roller Skate, a YouTube channel by Indy Jamma Jones. She and her friend, Pigeon, are big into colors so if you're looking for some of that, there's plenty of suede Moxi-boot skates and matching Gummi wheels to go around on this site.

2n1 Skate Shoppe

Unfortunately, 2n1 has gone out of business...
I've never purchased anything here before but, knowing me, it'll only be a matter of time. One of the more interesting things found here, and it is very derby-oriented, is they have a wheel rental library. You pay them a small amount plus a refundable deposit. With that done, you can try wheels before you buy with the money you've already given them getting applied to a purchase if you buy wheels from them. Too, due to this library's existence, they sell slightly used wheels at discounts of 10-40%. Every dealer should do this!

Low Price Skates

This was once the place to buy skate stuff. I did, many times over. This year, they decided to completely renovate their website into a totally useless blob of crap. It loads slow as hell. Most of the product is missing. It's become completely unnavigable!


I don't remember what I did to end up on their (e)mailing list. I am not sure what direction this dealer is headed in. Half of their items list check price for items they purportedly have for sale. Other items listed include a link to Buy on Amazon. Well, jeez, if that's the point, why don't I just go to Amazon to begin with?

Bruised Boutique

I have absolutely no experience with them to note here.

Derby City Skates

I have absolutely no experience with them to note here.

Medusa Skates

I have absolutely no experience with them to note here. Free shipping threshold here is $250!

Empire Skate Shop

Bought some wheels here once. Ordered some skates recently which they did not have. I got an email about that. I didn't respond fast enough for them so they sent a text to my phone. That's a hell of an assumption that I had a phone which accepted texts.

Modern Skate & Surf

Free shipping threshold here is $79.

Roller Derby Depot

Free shipping on Riedell skates over $300... I'm soiling myself. Good thing they sell "protecive" packages!

Dover Skate Center/

I guess this would be the local rink shop for somebody. I placed an order here, product was out of stock. I got a quick email response from owner saying such. After replying, I got a quick refund. Nice guy!


Ordered twice from them and I can't recommend. If any item in your order is unavailable, your entire order will sit in limbo until you contact them. It's like a store where the clerk is busy talking to the "hot chick" at the next store over.
UPDATE: actually had to have my credit card company do a chargeback on an item; I've deactivated the direct link to this dealer.

I have absolutely no experience with them to note here.

I have absolutely no experience with them to note here.


I have absolutely no experience with them to note here.