Because I Can Skate, Therefore, I Must Skate!

Skate Express

Outside Skate Express view from turn 2

Been meaning to get a skate on here for awhile. I finally got there a few Wednesdays ago. I'd been told they do a Wednesday morning skate for the older people like me who are beyond being in grades school or high school. Unlike my Thursday morning haunt, the music isn't nearly exclusively old organ music ~ nothing against that but it's nice to hear something else during a matinee too. I took a stupid way to get to Skate Express due to construction work close to my home. What ended up happening is I rode the Interstate 43 too long and didn't leave it until East Troy. This had me going extremely local with slowdowns to my route in Whitewater, Fort Atkinson, Jefferson and Johnson Creek before I finally arrived in Watertown about 45 minutes after the session started.

View from across opposite entrance View from East end

Upon arrival, I found nobody attending the pay window. This happens sometimes at Rollaero too so I didn't worry about it since the doors were already open. I figured I'd find a willing recipient for my greenbacks eventually. Turns out that the session is manned by the owner almost exclusively. He was busy DJing which is why I didn't find him immediately. We found each other and just as I suspected, he was more than willing to take my admission fee.

View back to entrance from turn 4

My second surprise was just how many people show up for this weekly event! There're about three times as many people attending the session as my Thursday morning roll at Rollaero. Apparently, I visited on birthday week. The skaters here fix a cake and celebrate everybody's birthday for the month on one day, which in this case was anyone whose birthday falls in March.

The music was pretty much what I'd been promised by their website blurb; hits of the yesteryear which could be anything from the 50s to the 80s but I was even hit with a little Bruno Mars. Apparently, the owner/DJ likes the song Blue Velvet as he played that one twice in less than an hour.

Everyone I met was extremely nice and for the most part were all adequate, if not, better skaters. That's always a big plus; not having people falling down in front of me usually bodes well for a session. Since I wasn't running around with a pencil and a piece of paper, I made sure to write down everyone's name I'd met as soon as I got back in my car. I have since lost whatever piece of mail I wrote all those names down on! Of course I have a memory which runs from 12 o'clock until Noon. I'll just have to come back to Skate Express' Wednesday morning session again sometime as I really did have a wonderful time. Couldn't attend the post-skate lunch at Pizza Hut due to a job interview I had scheduled back in Milwaukee ~ bummer.