Because I Can Skate, Therefore, I Must Skate!


outside of TraXside skating, look, tracks! view from turn 2

I discovered TraXside of Burlington in 2015. Shannon didn't really care for wood floors and TraXside has an epoxied concrete floor like Incrediroll does. When I began skating here, that floor was one of the most vexing things for me. It took forever for me to find a set of wheels which worked well for me. There were several factors at play here then. One, the surface itself was in bad repair with patches of different eras of surface due to wear. Two, it is a floor on the smaller side so turns are tighter in such places. Three, during the winter there's a single Reznor-type heater which blasts on turn three. What this yields is a floor with different temps throughout. I figure that due to direction of travel, ones wheels would be coolest on turn two and warmest on turn four. Of course, once I found a set of wheels that worked, ownership did a complete re-epoxy floor renovation and though I had to, once again, find a set of wheels that worked for me, I was now able to stick with that set. Of the non-wood floors I skate on, this floor is amazing. One can get up to a high speed in a very short amount of time. It makes me wish the floor was about three times the size it is.

view from turn 4 the new light frame and disco ball

The thing that kept me basically making a weekly pilgrimage to Burlington was their Tuesday session. It was only a dollar for admission and at the time, I worked weekends at my job. Therefore, Monday and Tuesday evenings were my nights of best availability to skate. With Incrediroll, they had anytime-skate and I would frequently show up on a Monday but if I missed that for any reason, there was no doubt in my head that I would be skating at TraXside on Tuesday.

TraXside original artwork on turn 4 DJ booth artwork at turn 1

Along with the better floor surface, ownership at TraXside made numerous other renovations and remodeling improvements. It seems they really cared what the facility's condition was like. Initially, Natalie was the DJ on Tuesday nights and even though she was quite young, she liked to throw down an old-school skate jam song here and there. When she left, her replacement really didn't give a shit about that.

the new, slightly expanded snack bar Space Invaders Frenzy

Nowadays, admission is three dollars on Tuesdays and I'll still show up now and then for that. What's a new development in 2019 is second Saturday of the month adult skate from 8:00 to 10:30pm. I've now been to two of those sessions and it's an alright jam. I will continue to attend as long as that session is available.

Finally, along with other improvements to the place, there's one quasi-old-school thing to mention. TraXside has numerous ticket-generating games for children to play. I'm not going to a roller rink for such games but understand why all rinks have them. One of these machines is a newer video game based loosely on a very old title: Space Invaders Frenzy. The display on this machine is not a CRT, nor is it a modern LCD TV/monitor. Rather, it's a giant display made entirely of LEDs! Currently, this machine is turned off along with all other games during the Saturday night old-school adult skate. In my opinion, it should be left turned on for the adult session as it provides a light source and contributes well to the ambiance of the place.